Our Skilled Team
is under the guidance of our CTO, former architect of great solutions such as Panama ID Card System, or Singapore Airlines Yield Management System…
Impact Analysis
Allows safe assessment of the impact any code change brings. Dependency analysis brings global visibility, helps eliminate dead code before refactoring.
You cannot fail
as our impact and dependency analysis tools are designed to address your most urgent need of code altogether robust, clean, and easy to maintain.
We are ready 24/7
To assist you in solving your operations problems. Our team of professionals will help ensure that our set of tools provide you with optimal code coverage
Impact Analysis: Our Offer
Allows you to save hundreds of hours of work when developing or modifying software applications, to find dependencies between different parts of source code, to clean up your code, which is key to a successful refactoring effort, or to painless changes brought to your legacy code.
Research and Development
Scientika dedicates over 40% of its budget to Research and Development.
Follow us to know more about our cutting-edge research in multilingual entity extraction and text-mining.
Lightweight Localization without .resx
Localization on demand, dynamic
Microsoft introduced "resource files", and based on them, a mechanism that allows software architects to implement localization easily.
But these .resx files can become very big, and as they are loaded ins erver memory for all pages of a web application, they may be heavy on a server.

For large applications, we have seen up to 30Mb of data loaded in memory.

Instead, we developed a technology, easier to implement and load than .resx files.

In addition, our technology allows for full text, whereas .resx files do not let developers enter xml or entities within the text editor.

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